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27 Reddit Tips & Tricks A Complete Guide to Reddit

Reddit bills itself as The Front Page Of The Internet and also the name is not without merit, with the website having an Alexa Global Rank within the top 100 and millions of page views in a day. The site boasts an excessive quantity of content with users, known as Redditors, posting interesting content hourly. With content that caters to almost every niche possible, you can go in and investigate and instantly feel at home.

If you are reading this and have not set foot on the website before or just have and are thoroughly perplexed on the best way to browse the site, fret not as we have had for you 27 hints, tricks and tools to help get you started in locating the content you adore. You shall be started with some of the hidden features and gems, and some Reddit tips & tricks here for present Redditors the website has.

complete guide to reddit

1. Understand The Subreddit

To comprehend the website, the user should first understand the subreddit.

A subreddit is like a section of the site that’s devoted to a subject, for example, games, news and fitness. The front page is filled with advice that is made up of posts from the default subreddit of the site. Look around for subreddits that will fit your niche, and you will find a community prepared to engage with you.

2. Search For A Subreddit

complete guide to reddit

Reddit is a huge website with millions of users and thousands of subreddits so it can be a bit hard to locate a community that fits your interest catering to just about any subject possible. To assist you to search for one, you may use their subreddit search which may be obtained by pressing ‘More’, found at the very right of the My Subreddits bar.

The first will give you rapid recommendations predicated on a keyword. For instance, trying to locate the word book will make you the most popular novel-associated subreddits. The second will provide you with a list of all connected subreddits for a more in-depth discovery.

3. Make An Account And Subscribe

Probably if you are serious about getting into Reddit, the first thing you have to do is to get an account. Not only will you have the capacity to take part in the remarks sections, but you can also subscribe to the different subreddits you locate intriguing so that they will show up on the front page. Plus, you will be able to unsubscribe from any one of the default option subreddits that you may not like, so their posts will no longer appear on your page.

4. Learn How To Style Your Comment

complete guide to reddit

You have likely seen some the opinions on Reddit, on how they can add some fashion to the views. There is plenty of means to stylize your comment. A good approach is to read through their Remarking or Commenting FAQ. In case you should know how to use the Markup syntax, you have a head start as Reddit can understand these Language and code.

If you like to make use of those engaging style emoticons which are common on Reddit, including the appearance of disapproval (ಠ_ಠ), it is done by the usage of Unicode characters from the Kannada language. For #3232;_&#3232, the look of disapproval, copy and paste &; into the comment box or just copy it right should you see it elsewhere.

5. Follow Some People

Found an intriguing Redditor and would like a good strategy to follow their activity on the other side of the site? Add them into your personal subreddit that comprises only the posts from the folks you enjoy. To add a user, go to setting “>> pals and then enter the username of the Redditor you want to stalk. Once that is done, visit to view all of the posts submitted by them. Do take note that you will desire an account for this.

6. Find Some New Stuff With The Random Button

Tired of the standard wish to detect new ones and subreddits you go to? Test out the Random button, which will throw you an entirely random subreddit for you to peruse.

7. Sort The Subreddit Submission

The sorting attribute can be an excellent manner of detecting new content when browsing on a brand new subreddit. On the top of the page, you may be given the options to sort by the latest, the most popular or the most contentious. However, the simplest way to make use of the sorting feature is the top. Press on it, and you will be given a choice to sort from the best of the hour, week, month, year and, of all time, for the very best. A great strategy to find the gems a subreddit offers.

8. Combine Subreddits Into A Multireddit

Reddit enables you to create what is known as a multireddit, and a means for you to group together distinct subreddits to view on a page. Can be amazingly useful in case you need to group together related subreddits rather than going to each one separately, into one page.

To produce a multireddit, you must be logged in. Go to your front page and press create situated on the left side of the page, under multireddits. Name it, and you are going to be taken to a page where it is possible to add in the subreddits. You can investigate other multireddits people create by pressing investigate multis.

There is also a means to create a multireddit on the fly without logging in by using this URL, subreddit, where the word ‘subreddit’ is replaced with your preferred community. Example, backgrounds. If you want to add more, just add another in the URL.

9. Linking Opinions

Need to link to a particular opinion made by a Redditor? Use the permalink choice on their views so that one can link directly to it. Also, should you intend to link to a comment thread on Reddit but discover that the URL is too long, use their short link which can be found in the best sidebar.

10. Produce A Slideshow Of Graphics In A Subreddit

complete guide to reddit

Plenty of subreddits are around posting pictures, r/pics being one of the largest and additionally a default subreddit. This will make a slideshow of all the post within the subreddit. This tip works well on the subreddits that mostly feature images.

11. Live Update Of Reddit Opinions

There’s no better way than Reddit Stream should you would like to see the stream of Reddit comments in a chronological timeline. As they come in, like a chat log, it will show you all the comments. A great hint for clothing that covers live events. To get it, add in -stream in the Reddit URL when in the remarks section, example

12. Use Cellular Site for Smartphones

In case you take advantage of an app to browse Reddit when on a smartphone, it is preferable, as the primary site is not nicely suited for mobile. However, are you aware that they have a mobile version of the website? To turn the standard website into a cellular one, add in an I on the URL, This can format the website into one that is suited for smartphone browsing.

13. Imgur Has Subreddits

Imgur is a remarkably popular picture sharing site on Reddit, with Redditors uploading their photos to it and then sharing it on the website to reap in the upvotes. Should you wish to jump Reddit and simply get to the pictures a la 9GAG, replace Reddit in the URL with Imgur, example, becomes This will reveal you most of the pictures that are posted to a particular subreddit.

14. Change The Interface Language

Want to browse Reddit in your language? You can modify the interface language by pressing English From here, you can choose the language of your choice or if it is not incomplete or there, volunteer to be a translator. Do note the post will still be in their Default.

15. Quote a Redditor By Highlight Before Pressing Opinion

What to quote another Redditor in your reply message while in the comments section? Just highlight the quotation in question before clicking reply. When you do click it, you will see the quote in the opinion box, ready tore down, examined, praised and to be used. Get more awesome Reddit tips & tricks below

16. How to Unblock A Subreddit

There are times when the Wifi you are using will block access to Reddit or a few of its subreddits. There are TWO simple ways for you to get over this block. One is to utilize HTTPS, which may be obtained at This will get through most blocks, and all of Reddit is going to be accessible for browsing.

There’s a simpler method to unblock it if specific subreddits are blocked. All you have got to do is add an at the end of the subreddit’s name.

17. A Faster Way To Get To Your Subreddit

complete guide to reddit

For instance, rather than typing in, enter This manner, you can browse your favorite subreddit faster.

18. Reddit Everywhere With Extensions

Wish you could post the site you are now on to Reddit or see the comments already made about it without needing to open up the Reddit on another tab? There’s a means to do so by downloading a Chrome or Firefox extension that is provided at the site. After installed, you will be able to view comments, to vote or post the website to Reddit.

19. Consider Reddit Gold

Reddit provides a premium membership plan called Reddit Gold where it is possible to subscribe to receive extra features on the site together with a few other perks. A case of attributes includes being able to beta test special offers from third parties, no ads, the latest Reddit attributes and access to the exclusive, super secret subreddit, The Couch, which may or may not exist.

20. Download Reddit Enhancement Suite

As the name imply, installing R.E.S. will add in a bunch of different tools that will enhance your Reddit experience, such as logging in as multiple users, an inline image viewer, an unlimited scrollable Reddit front page, among others. After installed, you will wonder how you Reddit in the first place without it.

21. Reddit Metrics

This is an analytics tool that enables you to detect the quickest growing communities on Reddit and track the data of subreddits. It makes it possible to determine which communities you will be able to follow and which sub- Reddit you can add.

22. Subreddit Utilities

To work with the subreddits that you moderate on Reddit, use Subreddit Utilities. With this tool, you can perform various tasks like to reset the subreddit settings to default, to duplicate one subreddit to another or to take copies of subreddits.

23. RaaW

Reddit as a Weapon (RaaW) can be got through a small hover tab on the right part of the display.

24. Postanalyzer

It is a tool that allows you to graph data points of a particular post over given period; including opinions, points, etc. that are rank Despite its simplicity. It is indeed strong that you cannot ignore to have this tool on your Reddit.

25. Alter the Interface Language

Lots of people prefer to read the posts in their native language. It is possible for you to modify the interface language by clicking on the very best right corner of the site on English. In case it is incomplete or not there, and once you click on, you can choose the language of your choice, you can volunteer to be a translator.


0bservat0ry is a robust tool that enables you to see ranks of subreddits according to various parameters such as by popularity (activity), subscriber standing, and ranking of moderators by subreddits moderated.

27. Do not assume your link will get on top simply because it is good

As it is said by the team that is Reddit itself, having high content helps but for getting on the top that cannot guarantee. Be progressive and think out of the box. Break the monotony of thoughts and bring something which others may find fascinating a beyond imagination.

You cannot go with all these, but surely many these, if indicated accurately, can reap you sweeter fruits. Until you set your imagination forth in it, no tip could be useful. Reddit is the fastest emerging platform so drawing on a strategic plan may save you loads of cash and time in the inevitable future.

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